“Soul Drawings”

This week we have an incredible guest in Houston: Dr. Steve Hinkey. I have been by now to three of his events. Not one was like another. They reminded me a little of the “Magical Theatre” in Hermann Hesse’s “Steppenwolf”.  Dr. Hinkey brings together deep insights, the lightness of laughter, profound healings and his unique invocative art. As an artist and art teacher I am especially drawn to his art. He creates his intuitive art on an I-Pad and captures in a perplexing contemporary way the essence of a person or event. These soul drawings are spectacular, nothing like anything I have ever seen: a mixture of playful Dubuffet-like outlines, color bursts, and sacred geometry. I gifted myself with an early Christmas present and had my soul drawing done and I can’t wait to get the final print from the photo store to put it up in my studio.

P.S. If you want to catch Dr. Hinkey while he is still in town go to: www.josephzenner.com/events